Crisis Management & Media

We provide a comprehensive suite of services for businesses and individuals to protect their brand and maintain effective communication channels. Our team has a unique ability to manage crisis management and public relations needs while protecting attorney-client privilege. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we work with clients on media preparedness and crisis management in situations such as:

  • high profile litigation
  • civil and criminal investigations and other government inquiries
  • data security and cyber breaches
  • business disruption
  • casualty events
  • competitor interference
  • corporate successions
  • extraordinary corporate events

Our team advises clients in an array of fields, including healthcare, sports and entertainment, education, financial services, business outsourcing, manufacturing, retail, media, governmental entities, utilities, and nonprofits.

Led by SRVH attorney Amy Rao Mohan, an Emmy-award-winning former news reporter and television anchor, the team features attorneys from our litigation, corporate, and regulatory practice groups that have practical experience ranging from holding elected office to serving in law enforcement to working as executive-level corporate managers and in-house counsel. These varied perspectives help us not only manage unexpected crises but also proactively assess risks to develop policies and best practices to prevent such crises and handle messaging for transactions, disputes, or investigations involving significant legal, financial, and public relations exposures. In conjunction with senior management, corporate communications teams, and, as needed, outside PR firms, we handle crises situations both in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion, all while protecting attorney-client privilege and maximizing clients’ interests.