Business & Commercial Litigation

Business Disputes

We represent a range of business entities in all varieties of disputes that they face. We are experienced in assisting large corporations, closely held companies, small partnerships, and also individual officers, directors or employees in cases involving breach of contract, business torts, negligence, fiduciary duties, competition and other business-related matters. In addition to pursuing litigation, appeals, arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution, we often are asked to provide businesses with advice aimed at taking the right steps to avoid litigation. In addition to an active practice in the federal courts and Davidson County Chancery Court, we have successfully handled a number of cases in Tennessee’s new Business Court.  We are experienced in navigating cases into the Business Court and using its active case-management procedures to identify more efficient and cost-effective resolutions to business disputes.

Commercial Litigation

We are well-versed in handling the wide variety of legal issues that can arise in the commercial context. Whether involving disputes between two business entities or the deterioration of an existing business relationship, our clients turn to us for both advice and, if necessary, litigation and dispute resolution concerning the interpretation of contracts, applicability of statutes and regulations, and resolution of business tort claims and related issues. We routinely represent both plaintiffs and defendants of all sizes in these matters.