Nashville Bar Association CLE: Developing Parental Leave Policies

Donna McFarlin participated in a panel discussion entitled  Best Practices for Developing Parental Leave Policies: How Employers and Law Firms are Responding to the Unique Needs of their Workforce. This NBA CLE focused on how Nashville employers are responding to the unique needs of lawyers who elect to take parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child and how lawyers can best advise their clients when drafting leave policies. The panel discussion focused on:

  • Relevant Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) updates and guidelines;
  • National trends and policy considerations;
  • How employers are crafting their parental leave policies to best suit their employees and work environments;
  • Issues unique to lawyers who take leave to care for their children and the ways in which employers can support individual needs;
  • Best practices for employees when taking parental leave under a work policy or the FMLA.